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Thread: GP1500R pistons

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    GP1500R pistons

    I would like information on gp1500r for 2006 gp1300r.
    What brand of pistons used? rating (90 mm)?
    because I can not find information on the forum greenhulk.
    Thank you for your answers.

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    Wiseco is the only compant that makes them.

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    OK , thank you .
    You have reference piston wiseco ?

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    hello;What is the reference pistons for gp1500r ?What brand factories ?Thank you for your information.

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    help me , what mark and reference to gp1500r piston ?thank youmark

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    the lack of answer is actually because people are bored and tired of the same answers all over again .
    The info IS available on the forums but you did not search well enough.

    The bottom line is that even if you would be able to buy pistons as you want them it would probably not help.
    The modifications are quite intensive and include modifying the cases.

    I do not have the info you are requesting but it is surely on the forum as I have seen the build happen a few years ago.
    Single pipe 1500 r with injection.

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    if you want a 1500 top end then look here

    peteshauling has one for sale

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    Group k sell's the pistons. Call them or go on there website.

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