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    Oil tank rebuild o-rings for 2004 MSX 110

    Before I get over invested in this rebuild I just want to replace the o-rings in the stock oil tank for now. If everything goes well I will do the upgrade at a later time. Hopefully this is significantly cheaper while I am dumping money into this msx pit. Does anyone have an idea where to buy the proper o-rings and precisely what sizes are needed?
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    What model and year is your machine?

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    04 msx 110

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    This is the best oil tank repair thread here:

    In it they talk of how to test... did you do this first?
    And how to separate the oil tank to fix it. Big boom!

    Not sure where to get the large O-rings... might try Randy at WeberPower.

    Take pictures... let us know of it goes. I have 3 stock oil tanks that all have baffle rattle.


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