I have a 2000 Yamaha 1200xl and the other day i sucked up a rope about 20ft long. It bogged down so I pulled onto shore and pulled what I thought was all of it out. I then started it up and it ran fine the rest of the day. Then I was on my way home for the day the ski just died on me. When I tried to start it it would run rough and then stall after a minute. This happened three times before I only got a clicking sound then no sound at all. I new it was low on fuel and I thought this was the issue. However when I was tinkering with it at home I took of the intake grate and as it turns out the rope was not completely out and it had wrapped up so tight it wouldn't turn over. I cut out the rope and now It still wont start and I still cant turn the shaft by hand or with a wrench even after pulling the plugs. The prop is not stuck because I can spin it off I just cant turn the motor over.
Any ideas? does this mean the motor is seized or is there something else I should be trying? Thanks for any help.