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Thread: Vx won't crank

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    Vx won't crank

    I have a 2006 vx and went to launch it this morning and fired right up. Moved truck out of ramp and when I went to leave the ramp it wouldn't crank. The battery is good. When I hit the start button it has the green security light that flashes . Any ideas?

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    Maybe went into limp mode.

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    It's locked, need key fob

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    I don't have a key for it ?

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    Only delux had remote, it aint a delux guys at 06....

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    Green light means nothing, on that old a ski it could be 1000 things. When was batt last replaced and whats its cranking voltage?

    you need to check your wire harness plugs that go into ecu. There is a white tab kn each plug that can be pushed in to release the pins. Pull one pin out at a time, dab on some di electric grease and re insert. Itll take 20 minuets to check the harness, but my guess is something electrical...

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