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    2005 GTI RFI not starting

    Looking for some input on what to try next.
    I have a 2005 GTI LE RFI that stopped starting. When I cross the starter relay terminals it turns over and starts fine. So the starter and battery are healthy. I replaced the starter relay and it still has the same issue. It will start to turn Over then stop, and sometimes will not turn over at all. I checked the start switch and it still seems to work. It will still start fine by crossing the terminals.
    Does anybody have any suggestions on what other electrical issues might cause this? Relay is new. Starter is healthy and the battery is healthy


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    Considering what you have already replaced, and knowing the motor rolls over well bridging the relay posts I'd concentrate on the 12 volt signal to the starter motor relay and the initial function of the start/stop circuit that switches power over to that circuit.

    Do you have access to the wiring diagram for that ski so you can see what runs through the ECM etc?

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