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    typical cost with removing a 4 stroke engine

    what is an approx cost to remove a honda 4 stroke engine from the ski?

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    About 2-4 hours time. Labor cost depends on your location.

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    local dealer charges $100/hr for labor, but... if you haven't had the fuel tank recall performed on the ski yet, it requires that they remove the engine first, so I don't know what you are trying to accomplish, but maybe that helps. I had them replace the turbo oil lines on my ski while the engine was out. It's the only way you can reach them and the fittings were very rusty.

    If you simply want the engine out, then maybe you can strike a deal with them. Tell them you want the recall done, but instead of putting the engine back in the ski, you want it in the back of your truck. They will get paid by Honda for the recall work hours.

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