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    FZR Pump question

    i have a 2012 fzr and i had to pull the entire pump and everything off the back end to get the hull fixed. im getting ready to put it together and trying to see what sealant i need to use for everything. Theres a white sealant on the hull and the plate that bolts to the hull and i need to know what to use. Thanks

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    For the pump, I use Threebond 1211.... but it is hard to find locally. You could also use 3M 4200 Fast Cure which will work just as well. Not sure if Yamaha uses sealant on the ride plate from the factory, but you really dont need any there, although I recommend using Blue Loctite on those ride plate bolts.

    Edit: read your post wrong. 3M 5200 on the transom plate for sure, but not on the individual pump components.
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    3m5200 for the transom

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    3M 5200 for the transom. You don't want it to leak. Clean all the old sealant off the mating surfaces and wipe them down with acetone or brake cleaner before applying the sealant. I use permatex "the right stuff" rtv for the pump and ride plate. I want something that is not topo hard to remove as I am constantly switching my setup. I use blue locktite on every bolt on the ski.

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    Yes White 3M 5200 sealant for the hull to transom plate seal.

    I just removed the jet pump and impeller housing on my 2014 FZR to do some mods.

    My Yamaha FSM calls for two different sealants for the impeller housing/nozzle and also two different threadlock/sealant for the bolts.

    You'll need "Blue" locktite 242 threadlocker and "white" locktite 271 pipe sealant for the bolts.

    On all the impeller housing and jet pump bolts Yamaha calls for the white locktite 271 thread sealant.... Couldn't find that stuff anywhere, but Auto Zone does sell a better white pipe sealant with Teflon made by Permatex. This stuff is actually better for stainless steel bolts going into aluminum it's removable and the PTFE (Teflon) keeps the threads from galling upon removal.
    All the other bolts require Blue locktite.

    To seal the impeller housing to the transom and the jet pump (impeller duct) to the impeller housing Yamaha calls for Threebond 1207B. This stuff is black and very hard to find. Some people like to use white Threebond 1211 here, but I used Marine Yamabond 4 which is grey.

    My FSM called for marine grade SS silicone sealant to seal the nozzle to the Jet pump (impeller duct). I used 3M marine grade white silicone for this seal. You do not want to use 3M 5200 or fast cure 3M 4200 for these seals! If you do you'll really have a hard time removing these parts!
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    Thanks everyone

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