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    Question 96 Seadoo GTX, no power, no beep. HELP ?


    Im new to the site, but kind of desperate. I have a 1996 Seadoo GTX. The other day I took it out. I attached the key, got the beep and it turned over. It didn't start right away. When I released the start button, it acted like it had a low battery, turned over a couple times and just clicked. Again I tried, just got a click. Then nothing, no power.

    I was able to jump it with jumper cables off of my other ski and got it started. After running for a few minutes, it just died. Then nothing, no power.

    I got it home, assuming it was a dead battery, charged the battery, nothing, no power, no beep. I took apart both electrical boxes and all 3 fuses were intact. I did find the rear box ( solenoid / coil) had approximately an inch of standing water inside. I dried it up and let it sit and still no power, no beep. Any ideas? I'm desperate, can't really afford to take it to the dealer right now and pay all their diagostic fees for nothing.... Thanks.. Brian

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    I'm helping my neighbor with this same issue.
    Bump the thread for someone to help answer ����

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