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    96 Polaris SLX 780 circuit board

    Hey guys! I have a 96 slx 780. The prongs on the circuit board that connects the yellow wires broke off the board. I'm not sure if that's whats causing my no spark issue, or if the board is there for looks. I noticed the broken prong after replacing the ground wire for my stator.

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    For Yellow wires the terminal board is just an interconnect to join the wires together. The board itself has no electrical function other than to physically support the metal tab pieces.

    If you decide to join the yellow wires separate from the board make sure the connection is solid and cannot short circuit to anything else. Replacement terminal board should not be expensive. From the factory they are coated with dielectric grease to keep corrosion away.

    The Yellow wires are not involved in delivering spark on a blue Fuji engine.

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    Thanks for the info

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