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    I have a project I'm starting and want to pic some brains to see if Im on the right track I bought a project 99 Challenger 1800 (I am posting this on all the sights I go on) I plan on putting twin 951's in it with some mild mods done and spoke to Glen @ Skat-Trak about the pump/prop stuff so now is the wiring I have the stock boat MPEM that I was planning on using to run the boat (lights,fan,radio,etc) and I have MPEM's and complete wiring harnesses from (2) 97.5 GSX's I aquired so I was thinking of wiring in each GSX-MPEM to the factory plug/harness wires that fired the original 787's I have the GSX black boxes as well so I planned on making my own wiring harness to connect to the factory one so the dess and starter buttons all work like they did with the 787's it possible ?????

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    Did you ever do this install? I'd love to see how it turns out

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    No still working on it but life has been getting in the way lol ....hopefully in a few weeks I will have the tank out and wiring finished ....seats should be shipping back from (however its spelled) but I beleive you can program (1) dess tether to (2) MPEM's so time will tell

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