I will drive San Antonio on the 8 Jul, I can bring the ski to TX after payment!


Selling my 2003 GTX-SC
REBUILT Supercharger in 2015, engine has 150 hours on it.

EXTRAS: (http://hydroturf.com/product/Mats_-_PWC/HT88)
Hydro Turf mats (Yellow camo pattern, uninstalled, $85.00 )
Hydro Turf Custom Seat cover (Yellow/Black, uninstalled, $180.00 )
Hydro Turf Splash Guard Molded 60" (Black, $50.00)

ONE KNOWN ISSUE (not running at max power, low compression (55 vs 120) in the third cylinder

*UPDATE* completed a compression test and a leak down test on the motor.
Compression = 1 - 127 psi, 2 - 145 psi, 3- 52 psi
Leak down = good compression on 1st & 2nd cylinders, 3rd cylinder indicated a bad piston rings : Whistling or hissing out of the PCV valve, oil filler cap hole or dipstick tube means the air is pushing past the rings.

* UPDATE * NEW PRICE * Make me an offer