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    Polaris 2007 MXS 110 PWC. Strange acceleration problems.

    Last year we had a lot of problems with getting the PWC to accelerate. The engine would start fine, but when the accelerator was squeezed it would only power up a little. Max of about 5 mph. The red light would blink and the “Check Engine” was in the display. As far as I know it was never rolled over. I live on a lake with some weeds. The intake does get clogged often and we have to dive under it to clear the weeds. So my first thought was maybe it over heated.

    I just took the PWC out of storage and charged the battery. Today when I started it on dry land, the engine started fine. But when I squeezed the accelerator the engine reved out of control. Even when I let go of the accelerator the engine stayed at high RPM (6800 ish..) I had to pull the kill switch to stop the engine.

    So what do you think? To my untrained eye, I think there is something wrong with the accelerator? Is it a sensor? Cable? Something completely different?

    Also is this something that I can fix myself? I am about average with tools. I can change my oil in the car, and maybe a simple break job, but that is about it.

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    You have a 2004 Polaris MSX 110.

    When out of the water... on the trailer... it is very common for the engine to rev sky high with no load on the jetpump (not in the water). That is why it is always recommended when out of the water to only start the ski with Reverse engaged... which will limit rpms to 3400 max. This way you can't over-rev it by accident.

    As for your other issues... like last year only getting up to 5mph? Yeah... that's not normal. Sadly, there is no easy way to read codes w/o the dealer... most of which won't touch this rare ski.

    There is a ton of information about the unique Weber engine in your MSX 110 at the link in my signature. Spend some time reading up on your possible problem. At the least... do a compression test on the engine... and report back what you find.


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    i put the PWC in the water yesterday. It starts right up. but at full acceleration it only goes up to 3500 rpm. Nothing else seems to be wrong. Is there a list of common issues that I can run down to see what could be wrong. Even if i have to replace half-a-dozen components along the way, that is still cheaper than buying a new one.

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    An ECU rev limit of 3400 is a common problem. The SIFB module will tell the ECU that reverse is engaged (when it's not) and the ECU will rev-limit to 3400 even when it should not.

    So assuming you did not have the reverse engaged (forward fully engaged)... then I would greatly suspect your SIFB module is bad.

    Randy at WeberPower (dot com) can sell you a new aftermarket one.


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    Great part, and immediate fix!

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