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    96 sl 780 burning up spark plugs

    I have a 96 sl 780 that we have been messing with, we have followed your posts closely and solved most of our issues. However the newest is we can get it to run for about 10 min and then it dies. If we change plugs it fires up immediately and the a few min later it will die, change the plugs and it will do it all over again. Not sure what to do

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    What happens if you don't change the spark plugs, but wait the same amount of time that it takes when you do swap the spark plugs?

    Have you confirmed the engine is being properly cooled? You can touch any part of the engine or exhaust without actually burning your skin?

    What work has been done on this machine?

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    I have rebuilt carbs, fuel pump, stator ground was burned a little so I replaced ground. If I don't change plugs it won't start at all just crank. Ski is in great condition, runs strong, while its running. It cools just fine won't burn at all.

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    Are the spark plugs coming out of the cylinders damaged in anyway, or just not firing anymore?

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    Just not firing anymore the gap stays the same .28 I believe

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