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    Question GPS Speed and Course Logging Apps

    Just a quick question... What apps do you guys use to track your top speeds and routes taken? I have nearly unlimited travel capabilities where I live (on the coast of South Florida), so I would love to track top speeds and the routes I have taken.

    Thanks all!

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    Garmin Bluecharts is awesome. It's a free app but you have to purchase the maps. It works great shows water depths, tracks courses, plots courses, gives speeds, estimates fuel usage and travel time.

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    try 'MyTrax' works with Google Earth and maps, etc.
    Charts course, time, speed, etc., etc. ...

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    You can try the Garmin app for free as well just if you want detailed maps with depths you have to purchase them.

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    Speed tracker, this is what it shows:
    It also has a map that leaves a line of where u have been

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    So where do I get a mount for my phone that is secure? I downloaded tracks and seems to be pretty legit....

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    Why not just get a handheld GPS? The issue I have always had when trying to use a phone is that it kills the battery. A handheld GPS is also waterproof and perfectly does what you are looking to do.

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