to answer the 'LIST' of Q's !!

Where u from? Dayton, Ohio
what kind of ski Polaris MX 150
what year 2004
what kind of engine Weber 2cyl turbo
how many hours on the meter? When purchased 46 now 81
how long did it sit Supposedly only over winter w/marina winterization
any new/modified parts on it Stock
recent tune-ups or rebuild plugs, oil last year. not on water yet
general history of the ski if you know Her's ran fine then her son rolled over at 5mph.. but rolled it upright in wrong direction,, SOOO he rolled it back over the correct way
TWICE to make up for it?DUH? by then I suspect the bilge was full of water above the air intake and he started it ran it back to dock smoking badly. Engine oil was
contaminated so I pulled and washed intake, oil separator, inner-cooler. It would only go 3500rpm. Sent computer to Canada to have it read and reprogrammed with
different fuel curve and ???. Still 3450rpm. Sent it back this time with most of the sensors. He said some were bad and so he sold me new ones. He said he put all her parts
in his personal ski and went almost 77mph.. I installed the new parts and still 3450rpm. She only putts around so she lived with it for a year. Last summer it began not
starting when hot (not overly hot but just ran it change drivers and no start). If you pull the injector wires off and crank it a bit it will start run out of gas and die. Hook up
injectors and she'll start up and run. Then it began where if you hit a bump (wave) just right it will take off like a rocket 70 mph-ish occasionally. Then it got where it would
only go 30, then 20, then 15mph. Will die and not restart even with the injector trick... The boost gauge shows turbo boost when it's running and it sounds like it is
dumping (waste gate) on the few times it takes off, (it seems to like to go fast at the wrong times so you have to let off abruptly and pop goes the gate). OH''She just told
me the last couple of times she took it out the first time in the water (for that day) she would Always idle just at plane for 4 to 5 minutes to warm it up only on a couple of t
rips she would have to drive it for 10 to 20 minutes before it would run faster than 10 or 15 mph max. Once it would go it would go up to 45mph then slowly back down to
a max of 3450rpm?

price not sure I think she paid $7,500 for it , trailer and a 2002 Polaris Virage TXi w/51 hours on it
comes with trailer? yes
live on water? no
did the ski run on saltwater or normal lake water fresh water
compression numbers? as I remember 145-150psi. no plugs, WOT
does it run? starts on trailer , see description above
Pictures,videos? no
mechanical knowledge well versed, not on skis
tools full shop