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    Exclamation Bendix Stuck Engaged With Flywheel? 1997 750ZXi

    Help! So, here's the deal. I was riding my 1997 Kawi 750 ZXi last weekend. I was idling in a no-wake zone when the engine just died. I hit the starter button and nothing. Just a "click" sound from a relay, but the engine would not turn. Had to be towed back to the boat ramp.

    My fear was a serious engine failure, but on the trailer I removed the spark plugs to see if it would turn by hand (it would). Here's what's happening, though- when I turn the engine by hand it's difficult to turn and I can hear the starter spinning. So, it is definitely engaged with the flywheel. Pushing the starter button still does nothing but the "click" sound.

    A couple weeks ago a water hose developed a leak, and it was definitely spraying water in the starter area. I'm thinking there may have been some water intrusion into the starter/bendix area, and that is related to my problem.

    What would you guys recommend as my first step to fix this? Is there a way to lube up the bendix area to see if that frees it up? Or, am I stuck trying to replace the bendix or starter?

    Thanks (and apologies for the long post),


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    The starter motor and clutch are separate pieces. The starter has a gear that engages the clutch. The starter is easier to get out, remember to remove the battery cables first. People have tried to spray oil/solvent into the starter motor hole, but I don't know if that will do any good.

    The front engine cover and flywheel have to come off to replace the clutch.

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    Thanks, Steve. I guess I could first try to remove the starter and see if I can spray some penetrating oil in around the bendix. There may be some water in there as well (God forbid).

    I really don't want to try and take the engine cover and flywheel off. But, we'll see.

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    So... I tested this a bit more and definitely think I have a bendix problem. I put in a used starter and can hear the starter moter spinning, but it is not engaging the engine. Time to replace the bendix.

    Here's my main question- for this 97' 750 ZXi, can I replace the bednix without pulling the engine? I know front engine cover and flywheel have to come off, but has anyone done with the engine in the hull? Or am I just asking for dozens of cuts, scrapes and bruises on my hands and arms?

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    I'm sure it can be done. I'm sure it won't be any fun. Just depends on how handy you are.

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