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    2010 rxp-x surging weird problem

    So I took out my ski yesterday and the rpm would range from 5400-5800, 6200-6600, 6800-7200 and then would go to 7400 to 7800 and it was never consistent with its power issues. Let off and get in the throttle and it would give you a different range every time. At the end of the fuel, it started running like normal though. Pulling good power through all power settings. Filled it up and check and see if it was ok, nope back to surging again. I did find one weird characteristic that has me baffled though, in a right turn the power kicks in real hard and starts pulling like normal up to 7800-7900 rpm. Anyone had issue like this? Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Supercharger slip ok mate?

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    That or your intercooler is leaking. When my intercooler was leaking it did the same thing. It even got saltwater in my throttle body bad enough and that needed to be replaced too.

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    I haven't checked the charger. Gonna pack her up and take it to the dealership, still got 10 months of warranty. I imagine whatever the issue they will figure it out. I did some reading on here after I posted and supercharger and intercooler sound like likely culprits.

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    Just thought it was weird, when you turn the handlebars right, it runs like a champ.

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    so if the IC is leaking and putting water where it doesn't belong, no problem getting fixed under warranty>?? They wouldn't consider a ware problem?

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    Having same problem with 2011 RXP-X, intercoolers were changed 2 years ago because of recall and did not have the surging issue then. Begins surge at 5500 if holding throttle constant.

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