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    Polaris 650 Stator Red/White to Green/Red Resistance?

    I have been doing the old "polaris wont spark" thing for quite a few weekends now. a quick inspection told me to get a new CDI which i did. Still no spark. Disconnected the kill switch. still no spark. voltage measured at the relay maintains 11+ volts during cranking. still no spark The stator resistances are all good except the excitor coil (Red/White to Green/Red) is reading 584 ohms instead of the recommended 490. Is there any way this could be the source of my problem before i go and buy a sparkling new CDI instead of another used one off of ebay?

    Thanks guys,


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    - the stator should read +/- 10% from the specified value. Therefore, your acceptable range would be 441 - 539 ohms.

    I would suspect the stator needs replaced. Other than the CDI, the ignition is pretty simple. If the CDI is new or known to be good, I would be looking at the stator.....

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    Thanks BlueFish,

    I heard there is no way to test a CDI, is this true? i bought my replacement one off of ebay and although the seller said that it was good it might not be. Also have you ever heard of people changing out the stator with the motor in the ski? i was looking at it and it looks like there might be room if i remove the gas tank.... Whats the normal procedure and where do you guys usually get your parts from?

    Thanks so much,


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    vanzal i changed the stator out in my slt780 last year, while the engine was still in the hull. i only managed to move my gas tank a few inches forward, but with the help of my cell phone with face cam I was able to successfully complete the task. it was NOT a quick job, but i was going pretty slowly.

    I am an HVAC tech and pretty used to working with my hands only - not being able to see what I am doing. I am actually getting to the point where i have to do another one too...yay.

    my sig should be reading
    2x slt780. one with a blown center piston and one with a blown stator

    for the record my stator readings are all pretty much perfect except red/white to green/red. im getting 380 ohm which also appears outside the range.
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    hey heres some good news....i just went looking for reasons for the low reading. found that my red/white ohms out when put to ground. I started looking for a bad spot and found that the red/white was being pinched at the grommet where the stator wires enter the electrical box. I loosened the grommet clamp and lost the connection. one reading showed 478 ohms (within tolerance for sure) but it changed when i adjusted my grip. I am going to move the grommet up the wires tomorrow evening and will let you know if that gives a better result.

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