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    2003 XLT 1200 Issue

    I have a basically stock 2003 XLT 1200. Only mods are waveater clips, premix, and D-plate/temp sensor chip. I am having an intermittent problem and hoping I can get some suggestions from the knowledgeable folks on this forum. The ski runs great and will have no apparent issues, but on occasion after running it for a while it will start to bog down when trying to give it throttle. It gives no indication of overheating but seems to be going into "limp" mode and will just basically idle. On the few occasions this has occurred I let the ski sit for 5-10 minutes and it runs great again. When this has happened the motor did not seem overly hot to the touch. Any suggestions on what could be causing this issue. Thanks

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    Might want to check that your gas tank vents are working properly. I have seen on older Jet ski's the vent fail and the vacuum reduces the amount of fuel it will send. Next time it happens try to un do the gas cap and see if that helps.

    Any other suggestions?

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    trasti...I appreciate the reply and will certainly try that.

    Anyone have other suggestions?

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    Change your plugs, fuel filter and remove the flapper door on the I tank-tube pick up.

    of corse the cat is removed and a d are and sensor should be in there

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    Good idea on verifying gas tank is venting. Also run the engine with the fuel selector moved to reserve. You could have crap covering your normal selector opening on you fuel tube (that goes into the tank). If it doesn't happen when on reserve, then you may need a fuel tank cleaning (including the pickup tube/sensor assembly).

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