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    2009 RXT iS 255 barely running after superchager hose was loose, please help!

    2009 RXT iS 255 is barely running after superchager hose was loose.
    Deck was lifted, hose reconnected, everything build back. No connectors had to be removed.
    Started the ski, black smoke en barely running. Then starting is almost impossible.
    Plugs are all wet (fuel I think?)

    Ski did run much better before the deck was lifted.

    Changing plugs tomorrow at first.

    Candoo Pro has 3 errors:

    P1106 Altitude correction factor nout plausible, out of range
    P0629 Cluster
    C0043 IBR

    Does anybody have any idea ?


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    changing the plugs should solve your issue

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    pesky little devils often "look good", but not so much inside the chamber when it's time to spark.

    fixes almost everything, including the upset stomach of "my ski don't run" when the family arrives for the weekend

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    Agree. I put a brand new set in a couple of weeks back, ski ran like shit. Swapped out to another new set, all sweet. NGK's are good, but sometimes an odd one is crappy out of the box. They cost nothing, so just throw all 3 n start again.

    New plugs, fuel and battery is the cure for 50% of all issues!!

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    Changed plugs, did run better but after 20 seconds same problem, barely running. Changed battery, also the same.
    When starting with throttle full pressed is throws check engine light and code P1106.....
    And when pressing start, inserting key, 2 beeps coming (normal key), then after 2 seconds a beep of 1 second is coming. What does that mean?

    Ski was having power issue and I found the hose from charger to intercooler was loose (at charger site), now we have other problems....

    Thanks again

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    Hey Dutchie

    It looks like a problem somewhere in the cable loom or connectors !?

    If you see all these different faultcodes. They're all electronically based.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture1.JPG 
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ID:	363242
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture2.JPG 
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ID:	363243
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture3.JPG 
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Size:	26.3 KB 
ID:	363244

    The beep means you have an active fault, see which one is active in the "fault menu"

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    You mentioned you had to lift the deck? guessing you have the suspension ski. I would check all your harness connections first, especially the main one up front under storage container, and make sure you have a good and fully charged battery, then go from there.

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    Deck was lifted to reach the supercharger to connect te hose.
    Could it be something that is blocking to the engine intake? That the supercharger did blow off due to too much pressure.

    And what about de single 2 second beep that is coming after the 2 beeps of normal key inserted, no error on display. But when cracking with full throttle it makes check engine and the P1106.

    Tomorrow I will lift the deck again and check all the connections....

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	RXT255IS.jpg 
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ID:	363402
    This failure is coming, P1106 Altitude correction factor not plausible.

    What could this cause?

    Please help

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    Just a thought, and I'm shooting in the dark, could it be the MAPS sensor? I assume that the atmospheric pressure (altitude) is picked up through this and relayed to the ECU to adjust fueling / timing etc. I know that the MAPS sensor was upgraded and was a recommended replacement part. Even if it's not this, you should change it out anyway. Green one is the old one, blue one is the new one. The bulb on the end of the sensor also looks different.
    If it's faulty, then it will (like a faulty O2 sensor) just trip an out of range message.

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