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    Raced an Ultra 250 Today

    Well while over at a friend's running buoys with him. A couple of his dad's friends stopped by with their Ultra 250s. Gotta say those look pretty good in person. I race one of them with my dad's 05 rxt since both of my closed course boats are gettin fixed.

    The RXT has about 50 hours on it and is bone stock expect for a set of riva pro sponsons(set all the way down) which I added today just for buoy practice(the sponsons are supposed to be going on my limited class boat). From a dead stop the Ultra 250 holeshoted me but I dont think it was by much. Mid-range to top end pretty much even till we hit alot of boat traffic wakes and then it pulled me by about a boat length.

    Also my friend Andrew took the Ultra 250 and we raced through the buoys for a few laps. The course was pretty tight and that Ultra was just hauling compared to the RXT which was a pain.

    Overall I think the Ultra 250 is a really nice boat and I know it's kickin a$$ in Region 5's Supercourse, but I'll stick to my rxps for Closed Course and Supercourse.

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    Nice evaluation, seems to be about what we see here in Cali.

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