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    identifying an oem motor vs sbt....

    This may be a dumb question, considering I already probably know the answer, but here it there any way from a visual inspection that you can tell if a new replacement motor came from Yamaha vs sbt?

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    oh hell yeah , sb shit are unmistakable they are all painted including bolts .

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    My SBT had a label & serial number on the head

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    The SBT will also have the little dot overheat indicator sticker on the head.

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    SBT engine will have a label on the cylinder head with there serial number on it and dot on the top of cylinder head. That dot changes color when engine is overheated so they can keep track of how there engines fail..

    I have used SBT engines on three different ski's. A 90 SeaDoo SPI with all the aftermarket go fast goodies that were available at the time. I did not reinstall the high compression head and left the SBT Cylinder head in place. Engine ran fine for years, sold bike. A 96 Kawasaki all stock 3 cylinder, the SBT engine ran fine in that bike.

    Then came my 99 WaveRunner 1200. Including the stock engine I have had 6 engines in this bike. In 04 the stock engine ate the power valve, then a complete Riva stage I package went onto the whole bike. That engine ran great until it too ate the power valve in 2009. Then a Riva engine top end kit was installed and that engine blew in 2 hours.

    Then SBT was called, first engine lasted 24 hours, piston burned up, running lean. I had carbs overhauled and received a SBT warranty engine. That engine lasted another 24 hours. Sent it back SBT said running lean and power valve failure. So I received a third engine and I had carbs re-overhauled and upgraded to a dual fuel feed system. Now engine smokes and has run for 5 hours so far. Re-jetting the carbs will be a pain cause exhaust needs to come out just to see the carbs but that seems to be what is needed. I am still waiting for some advise on what jetting I should try next.

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    Well, Let's start by finding out what jets, n/s, turns out you are using now.

    It's a pretty easy motor to dial in pretty close. Did you install T handles?

    Sure, the cylinder one low speed is a bitch to get to, but it won't burn up a cylinder, just kill a few mosquitos from the normal start point

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