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    STX-1100 Bilge System

    Everytime after I leave the boat ramp after a run and remove the bungs I always get roughly a half to a full cup of water from each side. So does my friends 2001 stx-1100 and his brothers 2013 ultra Lx 150. We all often use reverse a fair bit. Can using the reverse and reving it up blow water up the the 2 pickups in the in the pump nozzle--- threw the breathers and out the filters.
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    no not at all, reverse just puts a bucket behind the jet pump. the weak point in these kawi's is the drive shaft carrier aka holder. check the condition of it, i run in both my ultra and stxr the blowsion drain valves, never have to mess with drain plugs again and vehicle drains while you move and sealed when your stopped.

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    Thanks turboman. So your skis both do the same as well?. Roughly a half to full cup on each side B4 you fitted the drain valves. I have filled up the inside of the hull and nothing leaks out anywhere. I wonder now if it leaks because of the vibrations of the shaft or something? I have always been under the assumption that there should not be a drop of water in any hull at all. Would these be ok to use. Whats the difference besides price?
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    Every PWC I've ever owned (a dozen) got water in the hull. If you ride aggressively at all, you'll get water spray over the hood, seat, air inlets, etc. It ends up in the hull.

    I've heard that the duckbill-type valve doesn't hold up well when jumping.

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    Vacate valves are the ones i use, normally like steve said ill get water in the ski. it really depends on how you ride, i ride mine pretty hard dunking the nose under water youll get some water in the hull. if you install the vacate valves i highly recommend installing an electric bilge set up

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    Ok thanks for that. Im will go for the Vacate valves. I already have a 360 gph electric Bilge pump fitted, I have since aquired another pump of the same and I will fit that as well so I have one on each side of the bearing carrier in the well

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    You dont need two, i would put the vacate valves on and call it a day. i just prefer them since you dont ever have to worry about drain plugs again.

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