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    Intercooler piping question

    Does the supercharger pipe have to go to the top or bottom of the intercooler if it is mounted vertically? I would assume supercharger goes to the bottom, and any moisture will just condense down to the bottom instead of going into the throttle body. Does it matter if the supercharger pipe goes to the top or bottom of the intercooler?

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    the only difference would be if you are using a double pass intercooler
    there is better cooling if the cold water is near the outlet
    but it will work fine using ether outlet
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    I run mine to the top and the bottom goes up to the throttle body, but you may have a good point. Curious what others have done.

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    It is a single pass intercooler. I've went diving before, and the steam, or rather moisture ended up in my intercooler at the bottom when it re condensed, so wouldn't the water be very close to re-vaporization once more? I doubt this water would be cold. Are there any people who have seen performance changes from swapping the positions? I see most people do it the same way as you shooter, but mine is done in the opposite way. This is quite interesting!

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