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    CDCV to CDK II on my ZXI 1100

    Ok. So I know Ford race car fuel injected motors well....nothing about jet ski's and carbs....

    My 1998 ZXI 1100 is at the only PWC mechanic I know. He is currently installing a new motor for me after my new to me ski burnt a piston. It has the CDCV carbs factory installed and I'm wanting him to change them out to a set of CDK 2's that I just bought. He is not to keen on doing this as he says that I can make these carbs work....BUT I DONT WANT TO!! My ski is completely stock BTW.

    He is leery that this is in fact a plug and play issue. I've read on here that it is but I know there are a few things that need changed. I need someone who KNOWS exactly what needs to be changed from my CDCV carbs to install the new rebuilt CDK 2 carbs. If someone could just give clear instructions so that I can print it out and bring it to him it would be FANTASTIC as I'm out of my league on this one.

    I know there is only one pulse line (whatever that is) on my CDCV carbs and the CDK 2's need an additional pulse line installed, some say T fitting it in or drill a second tap? What should the pop-off pressure be set at? High and Low mixture screws? Stock CV linkage work without modification? Missing anything else?

    If you could write up a detailed HOW TO for this so I can just print it off to give him I would owe you one BIG TIME!!

    Thanks guys!!!
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    Don't do it. Listen to your mechanic. Swapping and changing is going to cause big problems with how it will run believe me. They are nota simple plug and play. There is nothing wrong with the cdcv carbs. Normally a good strip and clean and assembly using some sought of corrosion inhibiter like lanolin is all that's needed. going to CDK carbs will make it run worse.

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    I bought a basket case STX. It had the original CV carbs, but no engine. I bought an engine from a '96 ZXi (CDK carbs). I took them off and installed the CV carbs. There really was nothing to do, except I think I had to block off a pulse line fitting. No biggie, and it runs fine.

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    Whats the issue with using CDKs? I have them on all of my Polaris machines and i love those carbs.

    If you arent experienced in tuning carbs i would advise against the switch.

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    This goes against about everything I've read on these ski's reguarding CDCV & CDK 2's. My ski is stock so there shouldn't be a tuning nightmare. Add a pulse line, adjust the screws and pop off to factory settings and maybe some fine tuning from there...

    My CDCV's are rebuilt ($$$ rebuild kits) and still ran lean. I've also read the CDK 2's give it more punch and about 2 MPH on top end.

    These are stock carbs for these ski's after all anyhow..

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    Do the CVs still have the chokes? If you remove the chokes, they'll run lean.

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