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    Hello, I'm very new to the pwc world and am findin a couple bumps..

    I have a 2000 Polaris virage 701, and I have an unattached clear 2.5" hose, it was on the right side of the motor. Any idea what it is? Where it belongs?

    Thanks a bunch
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    Welcome to GH!

    2.5 feet or inches?? This is most likely the battery vent for lead-acid type batteries that goes from the battery to a rubber external vent (not needed for AGM batteries). Another long clear tube/hose is the speedo tube from beneath the driveshaft area... goes to the dash display.


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    Okay it's 2.5', miss clicked the battery has one but it's not connected and I have on that runs from the Dash to the back end and is plugged into the "hump" right over the prop

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    I have what I'd say looks like a grease insert in the back above the "hump".

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    These two are vents? Correct? The one running vertical with the ski isn't connected to anything. The horizontal is connected to a gas line

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    One is a vent for the gas tank the other is a battery vent. If you use a sealed AGM battery you don't need the vent hose. If you use astandard lead battery then it needs to be connected to the nipple on the battery.

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    So the battery hose should run from the back to the front? Right now the battery has a hose not connected on the other side the 4inches long

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