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    FUEL PUMP Problems ? or Harness 2007 VX Sport help please

    Question: 2008 VX Sport 1100 130 hrs. Runs excellent. Used Often. Recent Problem: Fill with gas, lauched Ski and wouldn't start for the first, cranked over several times and started. few minutes later, ski engine light went on. I shut it off, and replaced battery, It started, ran fine, no engine light. rode for 1/2 mile, and ski shut off.

    Tried to start, it would crank over, no problem. did this on and off for about twenty minutes. No start or firing. Finally it started again, no problem, rode it to boat ramp quickly, and took home. At home flushed and started ski with no problem. a few days later, ski would barely start, took to dealer, and it wouldn't start again.

    Dealers Response: No fuel being pumped into the line when they turned it over, and sqeezed the line at the fuel rail. Dealers response: Needs fuel pump assembly or electrical harness to fuel pump. around $1200 repair.

    Ski has 130 hrs and has always run fine even a few days ago. all the sudden the the pump or harness needs repaired ? How did the ski all the sudden start on the water and run fine back to dock ? Clogged fuel line, I don't know, but people stay these are pretty reliable skis, and all the rental businesses use them.

    Thanks for any help or input.

    Oops, posted this on Seadoo instead of Yamaha - will repost there I have a seadoo also, its hasn't left me stranded on water yet .. thank you god
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