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    help with my polaris virage tx 1200

    hi, need help with my polaris virage tx 1200,
    the engine has a top end rebuild and complete electrical refurb, after starting it - i had a good low and mid range throttle response,but will not open to full revs, when it also smokes a lot ( white smoke like unburnt fuel) ?
    i was told by someone to check the crank index to see if was out of line, i have checked this and found that there is a 1.5 - 2.00 difference between cylinders.
    my question is - is this critical ? or within tolerance acceptable?, would this cause the motor not go to full revs ?
    (these tests have been done out of water)
    if this not the cause - have checked carbs, electrical hoses etc. basically run out of ideas, any help would be most appreciated thanx kev.

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    Does the MFI display have any warning message or say "Reverse"?

    What year is this Virage TX?

    Carburetor engine?

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