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    GPR gauge cluster water intrusion

    The cluster on my GP1300R had water droplets inside the lense for a couple years now. It wasn't until the end of last year the cluster started messing up and glitching out. Sometimes the alarm would sound for no reason. So I pulled the cluster and checked it out. On the back of the cluster, there is a cover with a seal that the wires go through. I took out the phillips screws, removed that cover, flipped it over and about a shot glass full of water came out! I then let the cluster sit out in the sun with the cover off the back for a while, but it was taking too long. I then placed it on a glass plate and baked it in an oven set on 225°F for 2 hrs. I did NOT go any hotter than this. Once water has dried on a circuit board a few times, the minerals and deposits left behind can conduct current between components....especially the microprocessor pins. I heated and bent a toothbrush so the handle was 90 degrees instead of straight. I then brushed as many deposits i could from the areas I could reach (luckily most) and then blew out with compressed air. I added clear silicone to the rear seal area and the threads of the screws to prevent wicking. If you use bubble soap and a spray bottle, you can leak test the cluster. I sealed the wiring hole in the back with a shop rag and blew low pressure compressed air through the same hole. I then sprayed the outside of the cluster and watched for bubbles. I had a small leak in the left hand lower corner of the clear cluster face. I used blue painters tape to mask then Crazy Glue to seal the area. Others have mentioned clear packing tape over the reset button...although I didn't try that this time but will if it leaks again. I assembled it all back together and installed. Worked 100% for me and I'm glad I didn't have to spend a pile of cash on new or used. It may not bring back all clusters, but its worth a shot IMHO. If yours is showing signs of water entry, I suggest doing this sooner rather than later. Good luck!
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    nice! thanks for the info....

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