We finally had some nice weather up here in Canada. I have been working on a 2004 15F all winter, including a complete engine rebuild. I ran into one small problem. The exhaust gasket is leaking a small bit and spraying out a really small stream of water. I am kicking myself because I replaced everything on this engine, cutting no corners. I tried to get away with reusing the exhaust gasket after consulting with Snapper. Anyone have any ideas besides taking the whole exhaust off. It was a PITA to install the first time.

Is there any issues with me continuing to ride it this way. I want to get out again tomorrow to continue breaking in this engine. I put 1.5 hours on it today.

This is the first time I have rode this ski and I was impressed. My main ski is a 1996 XP, so there aren't many other ski's that I feel "comfortable" on. I felt right at home on this one. I can't wait to open it right up.