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Thread: BOV Adjustment

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    BOV Adjustment

    Hi All

    Purchased a Worx racing BOV for my 2011 FXSHO today and did not get any instructions. I looked thru some threads on hear on how to install and where to connect the T piece to the Map sensor tubing etc so I think I have that part ok.
    My questions is how to adjust the BOV to the correct settting?
    At the moment I am venting air at Idle and under throttle, this can't be right as this would mean you are loosing air flow or boost.

    It was getting dark and cold as I finished up so did not get time to play with the adjustment on the top of the BOV, so it may be just a matter of turning it the other way, but how far do you turn it? ie no air venting at Idle...
    Its my understanding that it should vent only in off throttle conditions to relieve back presure when the throttle is closed, but please correct me if I am wrong.

    I have a Vtech Stage 1 flash and air mods and a TJ exhaust mod at this time. Maybe get a ET low boost wheel at a later stage.


    2011 FX SHO
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    Seems there is not much ajustment allowed on my BOV. At present the the BOV is passing air at idle but if I turn it a turn or two to try to close the valve off the engine starts to run rough and coughs and splutters. The valve does close under acceleration so I guess for the most part its working but need to get out on the water to test.
    I did see some comment about not tapping into the hose for the Map sensor and I wonder if this is why I am getting the bad idle etc.

    Any info would be good.



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    I just had a full Worx intercooler and engine kit put on mine. I'm guessing it's the same BOV. The small lock nut and allen head adjustment bolt on the top is what adjusts it. Mine is wound all the way out atm and seems to run just fine. Cannot hear it venting at idle. I'm running a C3 wheel and with a quick blip of the throttle (~2,500-3,00rpm) to clear water from the exhaust after a run and you can hear it release.

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    Thanks Curtis

    Will take a close look tomorrow.


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