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    95 zxi under powered..HELP!!

    Ok so my zxi starts off for the first 5 or so min at a top rpm of 7200..then after that it is restricted to no more then 6k on nice calm water...then when i hit a no wake zone or idle for more the 5 min it seems to bog like crazy and wont go over 4k rpm,But if i keep it full loaded it will eventuly clear up and go back to the max of 6k...If I shut it off for about 20min it will start for the same routin..ill get thatn 7200k for a bit then right back to the max of 6k..Driving me crazy and I know it should be topped out at about 40mph..Should I rebuild the carbs??

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    I have also did compression check and readings 121 on all 3 cylinders..also have new plugs and recently replace all top end gaskets (Had cracked exhaust) that was leaking and tripping my over temp sensor to cut motor off at 4k..But know that is all fixed and still having issue that stated above..just wanted to throw that in there in case that would help ya.

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    It could be a numbers of things. If it goes like hell for the 1st 5mins and then plays up and then comes good after a rest, its could be the stator is getting hot and breaking down. The 2 3/8th cooling hoses that go into the front cover on the engine need to be removed and cleaned. There could be sand in there blocking everything up. Try that 1st and tell us if anything is in there.

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    You may also have an exhaust leak or a fuel venting problem. Try riding with the seat off to check for the exhaust leak. If it still does it, loosen the fuel cap (then tighten it) and try again.

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    Thanks for some input.. I have tried loosing the cap before to see if it was a venting issue..No luck ..But I will try these things today, Im assuming oil will come out when I remove the stater cover correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by djhope View Post
    Im assuming oil will come out when I remove the stater cover correct?
    No, it shouldn't have any oil in it.

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