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    2014 VX Deluxe won't start

    I did some searches on here and Google, but can't seem to find a thread related to the issue I have. The ski has about 45 hours on it. I was riding it yesterday without any issues. I have it parked on a ez-port jet ski dock and I left it overnight. I used the security lock on the ski when I left. When I went down today to start it, nothing happens. The security fob doesn't do anything and the ski won't crank. The gauge display comes on and it shows the voltage is around 12.5. So the battery in the ski is fine and the battery in the remote is ok as well (I took it out and put it in the radio remote and the remote worked fine). So I have no idea why the security won't clear. I'm assuming that's why it won't start. I'm not getting any beeps from the remote for locking or unlocking. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Not that I know what I'm doing but I would disconnect the battery for a few minutes then hook it back up and try again.
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    I second that, would do the same.

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    Replace battery. 12.5 is low, your batt dead. Put new plugs in and buy r&d air filter. Ski will be like new again.

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    My 2014 vx dlx batt died litterally two days ago

    12.5 is bare min for starting, it likely dips to 10-11 when turning over.

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