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Thread: 96 1100 triple

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    96 1100 triple

    I have a mostly stock 96 waveraider 1100 . I consider myself decent at small engines but I can not figure this thing out. It was rebuilt by a shop several years ago. It is pre mix set up. Hopefully you guys have time to give some input. The rear cylinder will not fire hardly any up to 1/3 throttle. Then after that it hits and the whole ski runs good. I can take front plug wire off and ski barely runs, replace and go for the middle, it dies, replace and the rear plug makes not change at idle. I can see spark with plug removed.

    In the 1/3 range it has tendency to bog down or trying to die down till I blip the throttle. Maybe a lean condition, I've tried fattening low end of rear cylinder, leaning, it doesn't seem to come back at idle. Making any adjustment richer on low makes the hole thing take off like a turtle, spittering and sputtering. Untill after half where it's very responsive and fast.

    What are some things I should look for? Cold compression last season was 90psi, all three close. also to note, I installed a tach and ran full throttle and the peak rpm did not waver much which I am told means top side tune is not bad.the tach however is not reading the correct rpm, its reading to many revos but the idea is the same.

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    First thing I would suspect is bad plug wires or boots. Ohm them out and don't forget to wiggle wires while ohming.

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    Or bad plug or coil. Fix one issue at a time. Get the electrical first. The move on to the possible fuel issue.

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    I found a rear crank seal hanging. New ones on the way. I knew it was fuel delivery because I switch plugs and watched them spark. So I bet highly on fuel delivery and it was, or still is. Hope I can get it done by holiday weekend. Wish I cld find a detailed picture forum post or video

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    I'd still get the wires done while you fix the seal. Jetski solutions does AMAZING work and my Yamahas always have perfect spark.

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    Replaced rear seals. Skipped electrical. I wanted it for the holiday weekend. The third cylinder still seemed a little lazy but it was firing at idle now. I got the thing tuned pretty decent and got 60mph on the GPS with 106psi compression on all three. I wanted to increase main jet because I have the high needle 3.5 turns out and I still think it's a touch lean by the white/grey on electrodes of new plugs. I bought jets locally but the people are idiots and they were not the right jets so I wasted a lot of time on that. Someone on another thread suggested I dump my 2.0 needle and seat and gold spring for 1.5 and 95 gram spring. My carb manual says what I have is stock, except I have a 115 main jet now and they claim 107.5 in book. Put your two cents in. The ski is out of commission because another guy on a jet ski hit me on Saturday and damaged it. Totally their fault. So I have time to make some changes.

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    is 106 psi normal for that ski or is that pretty low?

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    That's low, but it could be the gauge. It'll probably be okay if it's the same on all three. A top end is in your future, though.

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    I rented the gauge for the check. I'm told 120 is stock. The top end currently has around 100 hrs I would say. Any comment on my jetting and n/s? I will do a top end with a 1mm or 2mm bore maybe this winter. Gotta find me a good shop to mill

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