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    Seadoo 951 Limited, Short beep, starter not turning over

    Rebuilt my seadoo 951 last year, maybe 5 hours on whole motor. Ran great, LAST YEAR!. Went to dewinterize this year, i install lanyard, get 2 beeps. Gauges working. Good Battery. Push start button, solenoid clicks once and then get a beep. Starter is not turning over at all. Can feel solenoid click. Motor will turn over by and freely with plugs removed. IS this a grounding issue?

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    I think solenoid was clicking for me always even though it was the issue as I learned later.

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    Found the starter to be completely rusted. Will not turn by hand at all, tore it apart, it to far gone. New one ordered. So if the starter is rusted, does that mean the starter bendix is probably shot too?

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    Depends on where the starter was rusted. Look in the hole where the starter goes with a mirror and flashlight. See if it's all rusty in there

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    New starter installed, now the bendix is not engaging. Great so now I need to replace that. Anyway while im in the mag cover, I want to replace the needle bearing that sits inside the crank case for the bendix to ride on. Anyone have a part number for that?

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    Pull the cover first and see what it looks like in there. That bearing might be the least of your problems if water got in there

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    Got mag cover pulled, everything looks pretty rough. Coated in rust, hasn't started eating into anything yet. How bad is this? Can I clean it up? Bendix is rusted solid. Motor still turns fine, no crunchy sounds.
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    always a good idea to replace o-ring, even if the look good.

    there was water up to the brim in there. there are no cooling lines on the mag as far as I how did that water end up in there?

    how many O-rings on the nose of the starter? Was the starter overheated at any time or is it a Chinese made starter?

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    Well my bilge quit working my last trip out, and I did get 3-4 inches water in the bottom of the hull before I realized it. The old starter I assume was the factory original "gray" has slots for 2 orings but there is only one on there. Nice!. I noticed upon pulling the mag cover that the stator/engine connection on front of mag cover moves in and out with ease. It was not properly snapped in, my fault. Starter may have overheated also, had problems with bendix not always catching at end of year, so it took numerous attempts for it the engage.

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    Would it be smarter to replace the stator and pick up coil? Or could I sand/clean it up and reuse?

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