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    2008 FX Curiser Std Model Question

    Found a well kept 2008 FX Cruiser, 140 hp, std model, 3 seater.
    Nice boat 140 hours, lake use only.Will be my first.

    Any thoughts?
    Will 140 HP pull a tube for my teen daughter?


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    The MR-1 engine is probably one of the most reliable engines ever put in a pwc. 140 hours of lake use shouldn't be a problem assuming it had some basic mantainence (oil, filter, plugs, stabilizer). I have a 2007 with around 120 hours and never had a single problem (although Yamaha did recall mine for a cooling line issue, you might want to check if your ski was affected too).

    Give the ski a good look over before purchasing. Check the pump and engine bay specifically, and ask for a water test to make sure it runs good. You could even do a quick compression test if you wanted. Anyways, it will be enough to pull a tube.

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    I have the MR-1 motor but rated at 110hp in a 2012 VX Deluxe, weight 745, with 160 hours. Still runs like new with just oil and spark plug changes, adjusted the throttle and steering once, lube intermediate bearing, and keep it clean inside and out along with proper winterizing. I don't run it in less than 3ft of water and don't beach it. I'd do the checks as advised. Hose test on a trailer may not show a possible problem. Mine pulls a single person on a tube with two on the ski easily.

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    Yes, 140hp is more than plenty to pull a tube.

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