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    2006 seedster 150 155HP wont go over 6600 RPM

    I'd like to know if anyone has every heard of this. My boat was running just fine then the other day i'm out on the river and suddenly it won't go over 6600 around 40 MPH.

    It's like the rev limiter has been set at 6600. Last weekend it ran fine, this weekend not so good.

    It was out of the water yesterday and when on the railer put it in forward it rev up over 7200. Put it in the water and 6600 tops.

    Anyone every head of this I'd sure appreaciate hearing from you.



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    Engine can not reach maximum rpm

    Low fuel pressure-check fuel pressure pump output
    jet pump related problem-check propulsion components
    exhaust system blockage/muffler damage-check and repair
    exhaust gases in bilge(leak)-check exhaust system for leaks
    battery voltage too low-check repair

    Start with check your battery and charging system since this is the easiest to start with
    pick up a shop manual for your boat...thats where I found all this info from


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    Check with the plugs, if they looked too old, cool to replace them. Mine reaches about 7260-7290 rpm all the time, also check with the blades too for any bent or damage.

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