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    Do i have a bad starter in my brand new ski?

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with my ski, i'm going to take it into service but i wanted to ask on here also incase it was an easy fix. I have a 2014 FX SVHO, it only has 5.7 hours on it, I just had the 10 hours serviced on it last month, i brought it back, it started. I was going to take the ski out today but it wouldn't start, I click the start button and the gauge comes on, the little buzzing sound like normal, but it does not attempt to crank the ski. When i had my 10 hour service done, they told me that my batter failed the load test, so i went out to batteries plus and got a brand new battery, put it in, same thing. So i thought maybe the battery wasn't charged enough, put it on the charger for 3 hours at 2amp, put it back on the ski. Same thing, the gauge comes on, little buzzing sound comes on, but does not attempt to crank the ski. I have not touched anything on the ski since the 10 hour service.

    I noticed it had some weird issue last season too, when i was trying to launch the ski, the ranger asked me to start the ski while it was on the trailer, so I did, after about 5 seconds the ski turned itself off. I didn't think too much about it but now it seems like the ski has more and more issues, the reason i bought this ski was because i though yamaha made a quality product, but i keep running into issues even when my ski is 6 hours old.

    Can somone give me some insight please? its a 2014 FX Cruise SVHO


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    Re check battery connections between battery and battery cables first that they are tight also be sure the red cable is on the + post I have seen people get them reversed on the battery. Tommy Jordan

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    I did, i unplugged the battery from the cable 3x and made sure it was in correctly, red to the + black to the -, also on the 14 FX, the black cable it also shorter, i think they did this so people dont confuse the cable, i also made sure i tightened it real good.

    if the connection was not good, would the gauge still come on and activate all the pumps? because thats what it sounds like its doing

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    so either i'm an idiot or a miracle happened, I took my key fob and locked the ski thinking i was going to test the battery, then i hit the unlock key and it beeped twice, then it started! so either somone locked it and i didn't know or i'm just a dumbass. I tried this 2x and it worked twice, hopefully this fixes the problem

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    was the original battery out of warranty? You had the 10 hour service done with only 5.7 hours on it? I hope you figured out the problem. let us know.

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