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    Help with ECU/Injector problem on 2007 FX Cruiser HO

    Ive done a lot of diagnosing and come to the conclusion that my ecu took a dump. However before I drop $1000 on a new one, Id like to get some feed back to make sure Im not wrong.

    To start I have a 2007 FX cruiser ho with 92 hours on it. Started running bad on the water, only turning 8.5k rpm and about 40mph. So i did the obvious first, checked and changed plugs. Number 4 was obviously not firing or flooding some how as it was wet when i pulled it out. Changed plugs with new ngk cr9eb plugs and no change. Noticed the oil was overfull by about 1/2 quart. Judging by the condition of the oil Im pretty sure it was the fuel going into the oil. After a bunch of testing (compression good, coils good, spark plugs good) I found that occasionally the #4 injector was wide open at idle and after shutting engine off. It only seems to happen after the ski is warmed up. I can get it to act up on the trailer with the hose on after running for 10-15 mins. On the water under a load it doesnt take long to warm it up and for it to act up. Idle is rough and stalls, light smoke from the exhaust. Ive swapped injectors and no change, still number 4. Easiest was for me to check the signal from the pcm with the injector connected was backprobing the ground control side of the injector with a power probe and watching voltage. With the electronics on and the engine off I read 12v on both wires of the injector. When the engine runs the injector reads about 10-11v on the ground side (if you are familiar with a power probe it switches from pos. to neg, just not fast enough). When I turn the ski off and the electronics stay on for 20 or so seconds, I still read about 10v until everything shuts down. Only once in a while when I shut it off and open the throttle, I can see the injector spraying wide open into the head. The other injectors go right to 12v when the engine is turned off. Im assuming the ecu is sending a ground signal to the #4 injector.

    My main question, is there anything else that would tell the computer to do this? I know these things dont have 02 sensors. I dont think it is a wiring problem as it only happens after it warms up and even with the ski sitting still on the trailer it will do it. I did a wiggle test on the harness and no change.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Where are you located? If you're near Oyster Bay NY, I'd let you try my spare 2006 ECU.

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    Orlando FL. Want to sell your spare ecu

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    Quote Originally Posted by Propilotdc View Post
    Orlando FL. Want to sell your spare ecu
    Maybe... let me think about it.

    Better yet, just fly me down to FL and let me stay for a week. I'll bring the part and we can see if it works.

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    Lol sounds like a plan.

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    Did you ever get this fixed? I have the exact same problem with my 08.

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    It is usually the ecu on these. Look up "injector noid light" for further testing.

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    Ok, thank you I will check that out.

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