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    found a nut in my ski, how worried should i be?

    I found a nut inside my engine bay in my ski after my 10 hour service, its a gold nut, has the letter P on it. The reason i found the nut was because I forgot to put my battery on a keeper over the winter, and while i was installing a new battery i dropped a screw into the compartment, i was fishing for the screw with my hand and came upon this nut. How worried should i be that there is a nut sitting in there? I tried to look inside and it seems like everything has a screw on it.

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    common to find a spare
    I think if they drop one at the factory they just grab another
    I did my own uncrateing and I found a spare nut the bolts the side panels on

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    Post a few pics of the nut you found and I bet someone on here can identify it for you.

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    Sounds like it's just a brass nut. Not used on structural components. I did have a panel at the front side of my seat come loose. More than likely was dropped during assembly. It wouldn't hurt to check all the hardware you can reach.
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