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    1996 Polaris sltx 780 NO SPARK

    Hello, I just bought a 1996 Polaris sltx 780 from a guy for cheap because it had no spark. While he had it he had a new stator installed and there was no spark the shop said. So he took it home and installed a new cdi box and still no spark. I have gotten it and haven't had any luck. I checked the kill switch, unhooking it even, and no spark. I have tested the stator and here are my numbers, red/purple to yellow: .2, white/yellow to black: 210, blue/red to red/white: 93, red/white green/red: 443. A few of them seem low and a few seem high. I have also checked the coils. I got .6 to all of them for the black to black/white. I'm not sure where the other wires are or what to test for the other two test on the coils. If you have any idea or any suggestions just let me know! Thank you!

    p.s. I have also tested the end of the spark plug with the boot on and I believe I got around 9-8k which people said was normal! I also made sure my battery when cranking was 10.6v. I just can't seem to figure this ski out!

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    10.6 volts while cranking is not very good. That is the absolute minimum.

    A good battery will do better than that.

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    Well I believe it had more than that. I would have to check again, but still if it was 10.6 or a little higher wouldn't I still have spark? And do my stator numbers seem to be okay?

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