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    1995 GTX overheats exhaust

    A friend of mine has a 1995 sea doo GTX that he just aquired. It has the 657X engine in it. It rides great for the first five minutes of riding. Then the exhaust overheats and blows the rubber coupling from the exhaust to the water box. For whatever reason we're assuming it's not getting enough water to keep the exhaust cool. The exhaust is to hot to touch and if you put a little water on it, it immediately sizzles and burns off. Last night he tore into it and removed all the hoses to the exhaust and the exhaust manifold and water box. He found no water resrictions anywhere.

    Do you guys have any other ideas where to go from here?

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    Were the hoses routed correctly? They can be hooked up wrong... Also, the nipple coming in the hull from the pump could be broken off or stopped up with sealant from the last time the pump was removed. Id start by pulling the jet pump and checking it all out and make sure the screen in there isn't plugged.

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    Take the cooling lines off the head and blow backwards through them. The wasps like to plug them up with grass.

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