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    Bought used 1999 Ultra 150 oil line broke off

    I bought a couple of used jet skis last week. They ranks great but found out after running the Ultra 150 all weekend that the oil line coming from the tank was completely broken off where it goes in. My question is, did I do enough damage to the engine to justify taking it apart or should I just fix the lines and try it out. The ski was used all weekend, probably 2 hours of use. Noticed the oil in the bottom of the ski early on. I just thought I was a small leak that could be addresses when we got back. By the way, I'm new to jet skis and the dude will fly, very fun too. 36 hours on it. Any help appreciated.

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    Fix the lines and try it out before taking it apart. Check your compression before running it though, go rent a gauge if you don't have one.

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    If it wasn't getting any oil to the carbs, the motor would have seized in minutes. No way that thing ran for two hours with no oil.

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    I agree with what has been said. Check compression for sure and if all is good, replace all oil lines with new ones. Hopefully the compression is still good in all three.

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