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    sponsons: riva or stock?

    On my gpr1300 it has the riva ones or should I go back to stock and offset?

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    Looking for all around performance with least amount of porpoising

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    I have both so can tune for my setup and water conditions

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    I just added Worx to my XLT.
    what a night & day difference. I mean huge. like a different ski. Feels much smaller & turns so much better it's unbelievable. I do have them on the more aggressive setting & might try them up. I did not expect such an improvement or I would have done them sooner.

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    I also have Worx sponsons on my 2006 GPR. When I tested them last year, in the "up" position they were nearly as fast as the stockers but seemed to porpoise less. They have a pretty big blade and in the down position I bet they carve good. Haven't tried it yet though.

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    Anyone run the Rivas are they similar to the worx?

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