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    Oil in Super Charger

    Today I removed and opened the SC on RXP 2004. I found dryied oil residue inside the housing. Seems to come from the air intake. Any suggestions on what to check? I thought the SC should be clean and dry, correct me if Im wrong.

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    Stock ski?

    Oil blow by hose? into the air intake...over filled motor?

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    It is normal. Thats why many run a catch can to keep it clean.

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    Its complete stock.

    It has about 110hours on it and I got it for this season and have done oil, filter, spark change etc. So for now its all ok level. But it was not "dripping" / thin oil. More lika a clogg against the wall of housing and in SC impeller. Very sticky and I had to use my nail to remove. Like grease in consistance so could this be from eralier life of ski and previous owners overfilled??

    I thought about putting "crankcase-breather-hose" in a clear bottle to see if it sprays any oil now. If NOT comeing any oil now will it be OK to ride?

    If it is comeing oil in the bottle 7 canister now, when oil level ok, = headake.....

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    It is a gas/oil vapor mixture and when its dry it is hard to clean off no doubt. IT is 100% normal. make sure your oil level is good, and off you go.
    Dont worry about it.

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    GET THOSE CERAMIC WASHERS OUT OF THERE!!!!!.thats If you havnt allready. read up.

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    It was when changing to steelwashers I noticed this... = No more ceramic... I understood this after about 10mins of reading here on greenhulk..

    About the oil/gas mixture, if You say its ok I wont argue. Just that it was so much and doing the washer change on my friends RXP (with about 50hours on it) it was all clean and "dry" inside the SC so I got a little worried..

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