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    Idle control valve?

    Hi guys, been having a few issues with idle.

    ive now got it down to when I start the ski from cold it's fine and idles at 1800rpm +- 50.

    But once warm and I bring it back to the ramp to flush it the idle haunts ( goes erratic!) it idles from 1750rpm-2200 jumping up and down!

    Im getting no codes for this but when I first got the ski it would idle static at 2400-3000rpm on the water onced warmed! But it was normal when cold also. It's only the last 3 days out where it's started doing the erratic idling once warm instead.

    I did find some greenish corrosion on 4 of the Ecu pins in connector A that we cleaned off and done a continuity test on the wiring but that does not explain why it only happened a when it's warmed up. Surly i would have the problem all the time if it was a wiring issue? I'm thinking maby the ICV starts to fail after its warmed up?

    I can feel it click when I insert the dess key so it is working to a degree.
    My ski is a 2004 Seadoo GTX 185 ltd sc.

    Any my help would be much appreciated as I'm just about to put a order in with jerry so trying to work out if I need a new ICV to add to my order.


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    Just to add to this : if I quickly press the throttle then let off quickly the revs drop down so far that tge engine stalls out.

    Can an this be a bad ICV?

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    Maybe, mine would not idle cold or hot and threw a code when the IAC went south

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