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    Gp1200r carb jetting help please

    Hi, can anyone help with carb/jets set up please!!?
    What jets, needle, springs do I need?
    also do I keep the accelerator pump or remove!!?
    shall I do a twin fuel line set up?
    Just rebuilt my crank as big ends gone on 2 and 3, crank is now welded.
    prior to this my ski was running crap low end and high end was losing power.
    my current mods are
    stock motor (might port the cylinders while they are off the ski)
    lightend and balanced flywheel
    r&d cdi programmed to 1st setting
    riva s3
    riva free flow
    skimmed oem head (shall I remove 1 layer of head gasket for extra compression?)
    air filters
    t bar screws
    cokes removed/ primer installed
    premix 35:1 ratio yamalube
    13/19 solas
    r&d scoop
    r&d auto drop
    riva ride plate
    riva trim tabs.

    im based in UK

    many thanks in advance for the help

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    HI ricky, read this:

    You might have to jet differently if you port. In that case ask your porter.

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