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    2001 GP800R boggs when applying throttle in the water

    Well, it looks like the cheaper gas prices have sparked interest in riding again amongst me as well as all my friends. Skis have sat for some time and I've got a half a dozen over here at my house looking for a fix. looks like I'll have several threads going here. Anyways, this one is a 2001 GP800R. This thing starts and revs beautifully while on the trailer. In the water on the other hand it's a different story. Starts and idles fine but when applying the throttle it just boggs and won't go over 5 mph. Compression looked good and cylinders were within 10 psi of each other. My initial thoughts are carb rebuilds but I don't understand why it purrs and revs so beautifully on the trailer but only acts up when under a load. Would love some input from you guys so I know I'm not throwing parts at it.

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    It requires a lot more fuel to build revs under load. Clean the carbs and change the spark plugs. I'd recommend running some fuel stabilizer in it if it's going to sit for a few weeks or more between rides.

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    Thanks ATVMan. I'm thinkin it's a carb rebuild issue but want to be DANG certain. Wanted to know/get input on weather or not there should be some other things I need to eliminate before I spend anybodys money on parts.

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