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    Newbie to PWC. 97 yamaha waverunner 760 advice

    Sort of blind buying a 97 Yamaha waverunner 760. The mother of a friend of my fathers is selling it with only 13 hours on the damn thing. Picking it up for $1200. Now my problem is we want to pull a tube and here in NY you have to have a 3 seater rated ski to pull, with 2 people on the ski and one in the tube. I tried to look up this ski on google and I see two versions, a 3 seater and a 2 seater. Is this the case? Or is google misleading me? does the GP760 differ from the 760? Purchasing this tommorow afternoon blindly so need some advice asap. Thanks for your time on the matter.

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    There should be capacity plate (sticker) near the rear of the ski. This will tell you how many people it is rated for as well as a maxim weight capacity.

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