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    Leaving a spark on a mooring

    Is there any concern about leaving a Spark on a mooring for a couple of days?

    The River is Fresh water and I'll be taking it out most weeks to clean and store for the week. Boat lift isn't possible because we have 3-4 foot tides and the tide height changes week to week. I've noticed no one leaves their seadoos in the water they are all on top of docks or hauled out every day.

    Eventually we are getting a dock and will get a drive-on but that is a year or two away in the budget...

    We do have a boat ramp near by but only really useable at high tide.

    We don't have our spark yet but hopefully in the next few weeks!

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    I left my RXT in the water for the first few years but only over the weekend while we were up at the lake.
    You do run the risk of the carbon seal leaking and the ski sinking but while it's still new and you check for leaks, odds are in your favor.
    Make sure you wash it and keep the seats off when it's out of the water during the week if you can.
    That way it dries out.

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    that should sum it up

    not saying that will happen but you may want to get use to the ski and see what it does before you start leaving it out all night.

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